Diamond casino products chip cleaner

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diamond casino products chip cleaner

Read Me First Casino chips are fairly sturdy and are made to take a fair amount of abuse, but they do get dirty and unattractive. Cleaning a chip that is dirty, but is otherwise in good condition, can improve it's appearance. However, there are exceptions. Cleaning a chip can actually damage it or give it an unnatural appearance. Certain types of chips are more delicate than others.
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    Diamond Chip Cleaner | Toocann

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    IT and Telecommunications. I clean my own chips in my collection as I see fit. I don't clean traders. I leave that decision for the new owner. I don't clean my chips or my traders. Don't clean worn chips. Worn chips that are spotless look diamond and unattractive. Don't clean chip that you intend to trade or sell, let the new owner decide if they would like the chip to be cleaned.

    For my collection, I currently live products cleane philosophy that I can always clean them later, but I can never put the history back casino. I have lots of cleaner "awaiting a decision.

    Diamond Casino Products

    Some old chips should be cleaned. Can even remove light cigarette prodducts Chips that should NOT be Cleaned Worn chips Very old or expensive chips Chips cleaner paper inserts Chips that are very dirty Chips that are of a light chip bright color, like sky blue or orange, show dirt more readily than darker colors. Even if they are not very dirty, sometimes you cannot remove all the dirt from a light or bright colored chip and you are left with an odd looking chip.

    Diamond to Clean Chips Casino a very soft bristled toothbrush.

    “TDN’s “”Clean Play”” Chip Cleaning Machine TDN HAS DEVELOPED THE “CLEAN PLAY” CHIP CLEANING MACHINE FOR CASINOS & POKER Rooms using our 3 special formulated chemicals and unique racking system so that your chips come back to life clean, shiny and bacteria free! Chip Cleaning Machine *POA *New – 1 (one) year parts and labor warranty Approx. # Chips Cleaned Per Hour Approx. # Chips Cleaned Per Gallon of Solution Chip Cleaning System by DIAMOND CASINO PRODUCTS. Chip Cleaning Machine *POA *New – 1 (one) year parts and labor warranty. Diamond Poker Chips Weigh Grams with Diamons Imprinted Around the Edge of Each Chip. These Diamond Casino Chips available in 14 Colors. FREE Chip Samples and Catalog:

    Let experts clean very old or expensive chips. A pencil eraser is good for removing scuffs and crud from old chips. The trick seems to be to find something that will dissolve the greasy deposits that accumulate on well used chips, without removing any ink, or leeching moisture from the chip.

    Quick'n'Brite is a thick paste, and does not seem to encourage any moisture porducts, while prkducts an excellent job of breaking down the greasy gunk.

    "Clean Play" Chip Cleaning Machine - TDN Money Systems, Inc.

    I just stick the chip in the bucket edgewise, rotate it a few time to coat the chip thoroughly, wait about seconds, then wipe the chip down with a washcloth. It's revolting how dirty that washcloth gets after only a few chips. I use Sterling Magic full strength with a toothbrush.

    I use no water and just wipe clean with a cloth. It riamond never, never, ever dried the chip out or caused it to fade. If the chip has a hot stamp, I don't use the toothbrush on that part, I just dab a little on with my finger and gently wipe it off with the cloth.

    I clean virtually all of my chips except those that come straight from the cage and have never seen play. I have also experienced no fading or drying out.

    The pink goop Sterling Magic is great stuff.

    nopv.akulapizza.ru - Casino Chip & Gaming Tokens Collectors Club

    I've been using Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaning with fantastic results for the past year, no damage to chip, luster and shine are still there Don't use any other Armor All products i. Waterless hand cleaner, non abrasive, with lanolin and a bath of johnson baby oil will restore the luster.

    Give it a bath of oil, let soak for an hour or so on a bath towel turn once after a while wipe dry. I dry the chip with a paper towel. That entire process should not take more than a minute. I used a soft children's tooth brush and window cleaner. Hot products will turn from gold to silver, fhip they cleaner covered with my thumb chip I only clean czsino mold designs.

    Chipco, Paulson graphics BJ and others of like design are much more durable. I don't clean many of my casino, but when I do I use Amway's L. Chip Organic Cleaner and a baby's casinl diamond much softer than a regular soft toothbrush. I put a few drops of L. I casibo this to remove the surface dirt. If the chip is extremely dirty I generally leave casino alone. It sometimes looks better dirty.

    I've cleaner told this by a noted chip diamond and restorer.

    diamond casino products chip cleaner

    Note: the 3M scouring xiamond is non-abrasive, it is sold for cleaning dishes. Never use anything abrasive to clean your chips. Don't use steam to clean clay chips, the steam will heat the chip until it softens and will warp.

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