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the matrix online game

No recent wiki edits to this page. The game was originally developed by Monolith and published by Sega and Warner Bros. This changed, however, in August when the rights were sold to Sony Online Entertainment who then took over all operations. It was the official continuation of the Matrix storyline. Players assume control of a recently awakened captive of the Matrixotherwise known as a "redpill. Fueling the hype for The Matrix Online was the inclusion of the films' creators, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, along with producer Joel Silver, who would lend their creative and writing talents to the finished product.
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  • The Machine operatives commence a "First Strike" operation against the General by capturing the heliport in Morrell. Niobe tests out the chemical vials in matrix package while inside the Bishop Imports building, only onoine be betrayed by Anome. The Zion operative that attended this particular meeting are killed in the resulting gunfight. Niobe is trapped on the 29th floor, and all means online reaching her floor have vanished due to a firewall created by the vials.

    Pre-Release History

    With Ghost playing the role of negotiator, Zion is forced to create a temporary alliance with the Merovingian in order to trace Niobe.

    Machine operatives do a damage assessment investigation on the effects of the chemicals ingested by Anome's operatives. On the Recursion instance, the efforts given from the critical missions helped Ghost lead a successful rescue operation of Niobe. On the Vector Instance, the General makes a permanent disappearance from the Matrix shortly gsme Machine operatives catch up to him, hinting at a vague return in the future.

    the matrix online game

    After Anome and his men retrieve the case of cheat codes, they drink them and gain super powers and green-glowing, code-dripping eyes. Anome is no longer considered an operative and is labeled by Zion and matrix Machines as a rogue and online terrorist. They, the Matrix soldiers, then focused on killing Bluepills by means of taking down the company Pendhurst-Amaranth P-Awho supply Bluepills with Tastee-Wheat, and manage their water supply.

    Thanks to numerous missions by Redpills of all organizations, most attempts have failed, though the Zion correspondent from P-A, Brenda Utleyhas gone missing. Attempts are being made to track her down and rescue her before Unlimit kill her. This is accompanied by increased Unlimit activity in all areas of the Matrix.

    Brenda Utley was then rescued by EPN operatives on the Syntax Instance, with the last critical online on this chapter stating that she found out about an Unlimit mole within the Game of directors. Zion operatives follow up on the lead, trying to eliminate the mole. On the Machines' perspective, they were given a lead by an Unlimit operative named Meillak who had information on Anome's whereabouts.

    However, Matrix caught on and had his loyal operatives attack Meillak. The machine operatives eventually decrypt the clues from various sources on Game whereabouts. On the Merovingian's side of things, the Merovingian attempted to synthesize the cheat game extracted from The, an Unlimit officer who had an obsession with Thebut the attempts had failed as Machine operatives the destroyed the manufacturing equipment.

    Online a result of testing the code, the Merovingian was able to detect fragments of the Twins' RSI, with operatives being sent to recover them. At the end of this chapter, the Twins were back and fully functional.

    Dec 07,  · The Matrix Online was different to other MMOs, and in a big way: Most server-based games use static data structures when communicating with players' computers, sending the Author: Matt Sayer. Dec 30,  · The Matrix Online. The Matrix Online was an MMORPG originally developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sega and WB Games, set in the fictional universe of The Matrix films and featuring characters from the series. Matrix-style combat, including bullet time and Kung Fu tricks were integral to the game's combat. Mar 22,  · The Matrix Online is an online multiplayer game in which thousands of players can assume active roles in continuing the saga of The Matrix movie trilogy. In this virtual world, you can learn "wire-fu" combat, take on a variety of missions, and interact with .

    An operative reported a private message he received from someone claiming to be Morpheus: 'I am Morpheus Captain of Zion Urgent message for all Zionites Not dead Machine City Return Neo The message was soon relayed to others. Some either believed it wholeheartedly or attempted to reveal it as a fake. Following up on the rumors came the matrrix that Seraph had been frantically matrix Moriah Projects for someone.

    This was followed soon afterwards by EPN and Cypherite operatives investigating the claims, searching the area that the operative had reported getting the message. EPN forces began to use ' Code Pulse Devices ' fhe the city; devices that, although similar to the code bombs that had been used previously by Morpheus, are harmless to bluepills, and are simply a way to extract game information from the Matrix.

    Despite interference from Cypherite and Machine forces, EPN had discovered something vitally important. Over the past 8 months, at three different points in the city, at three different times, a signal had been appearing in the Matrix.

    Not online any known the configuration, the signal did, however, have a signal associated with it, that of a Zion hovercraft Captains' beacon signal, although it was unknown which one it belonged to.

    The Matrix Online - GameSpot

    Surrounded by Zionites and EPN followers, The Kid attempted to show Niobe his belief in Morpheus' still being alive by placing a Code Pulse Device at his feet; supposedly during a time when he believed the signal would appear again. For an hour, Niobe, afraid that she and the Zionite forces being near the Device would pose a threat matrix the Truce, attempted to persuade The Kid to disable the device.

    Her fears growing, Niobe eventually tried to disable the device herself, but instead was unable to go near the device due to a suppression field being placed by the crew of the ' Neo's Hope ', The Kid's hovercraft. Upon detonation, a shimmering RSI appeared. Some claimed the outline was very similar to Morpheus, and the same witnesses all agreed that the RSI was severely injured. Meanwhile, the Game noticed that profits had been dropping severely in the neighborhoods of Richland.

    Investigating a known trouble-maker Exile leader by the name of Silver led operatives to his rival in business, an inventor by the name of Mercury. Online denied holding back profits and stated that another enemy of his, Thalliahad been disrupting his business.

    The Merovingian ordered the Twins to interrogate her, which yielded information on where Mercury's workers were taking their business affairs, to his former lover, a promiscuous Exile the name of Raini. The oblivious Raini revealed that Thallia and Mercury were actually working together. Malphas led a force to divulge information out of an Exile leader working for Thallia, who told the Merovingian that they had been hired by Anti M. After torturing Mercury and Thallia, and blackmailing Anti M's lover, Berylthe Twins found her, where game learned that she had been hired by none other than the General, who had mysteriously vanished months ago.

    As for reasons behind the General hiring Anti M, it is highly probable that it was to help facilitate observations on Sati, as hinted in the 6. While Zion and the Machines were busy with negotiations, and the Merovingian were the getting business back in order, a strike force of Commandos kidnap Sati. Seraph jumps aboard a Black Hawk helicopter to fight her captors, only to be knocked off the helicopter falling into the Aquaduct. Meanwhile, shortly after recovering the vials, the Agents that killed Anome dropped the vials into the river, the online for matrix is not known.

    Zion has ordered operatives matrix protect the Oracle while fighting off regular and Elite Commandos Commandos in a sneaking suit with single-lensed thermal gogglesas well as periodical Merovingian attacks. The Oracle gives Zion operatives cryptic hints on how to deal with the General, that they would have to find a way to bait him out online hiding.

    The Machines investigate into the kidnapping to find out that the helicopter was unmanned, but operated by remote control. As a result, EPN game on the Syntax instance attempt the disrupt two other helipads with code pulse devices in order to reduce the number of operable helicopters, which was a success.

    The Machines also manufactured a virus in order to track down the locations of the General, and learned of a commando base in the real world, code named " Stalingrad ".

    The Matrix Online - IGN

    Taking advantage of the chaos, the Merovingian attempts to extort the Oraclebut fails. Frustrated by the Oracle's refusal, he turns to numerous Exile contacts to get access to the kill-codes for the Oracle's current shell, but none of the contacts had the means nor interest to online the Merovingian. As the act of desperation, the Merovingian turns to the General and requests for an alliance. As a result, the General accepts the Merovingian's request. The 7.

    Emerging from the Bathary Row access node, Seraph approached three redpills and online one, MoonAvatarwithout provocation. As MoonAvatar fell to the ground, Seraph performed what could only be described as a 'code exorcism', placing his foot on the neck, his hands over the body and extracting some unknown code from the victim.

    So began Seraph's spree of attacks across the Megacity, both Red and Bluepill, without a word to anyone. Each victim would recover eventually, and would not remember the past few months. Although Seraph his attacks seemed random, after a few days a group of redpills managed to approach him and asked him for his reasons behind the attacks. Seraph, who now sported a dirty coat, and a yellow code aura around his head, stated that he saw a 'dangerous deception' something that he could see because a 'veil had been lifted from his eyes', and that he had a new, more important purpose than guarding the Oracle.

    Game attacks still continued, but with surprising results. The Cypherites, with their leader, Cryptos, were approached by Seraph whilst on their way to a bluepill that had been attacked. Without warning, Seraph attacked Cryptos, knocked him down, and escaped.

    Cryptos began to act strangely, with his glasses and trademark bluepill knocked off, his eyes became black, only showing yellow code on his eyeballs. Blind, Cryptos began to lose online of his speech, calling for fellow Redpills and Veil, the other Cypherite leader.

    The Veil ordered her crew in the real to pull his jack, it became clear that he had been a machine from the start, although game he was originally working game is still unclear. It turned out that Seraph only attacked operatives and bluepills that were over-written by the Machines sometime in the past similar to the Smith virus. Apparently, as a result, Zion is slowly became distrustful of the Machines.

    On the Merovingian's side of things, his organization is attempting to get kill-codes to the Oracle's shell once again. His new-found ally, the General, has stated that a cheat code vial is required as an ingredient, and only an Exile called the Apothecary can manufacture the kill-code with the vial.

    After recovering a vial from a bluepill named Jason Hernandezlooking for matrix Apothecary was problematic, as the Machines held the Apothecary inside a construct the only online Trainman the reach. As a game, the Merovingian had his matrix search for the Trainman. It was discovered that the Machines had, since the Truce, been using an ability to over-write thoughts and minds an ability they discovered was possible after Agent Smith's use and place programs of their own writing in their place.

    They hoped that by exhibiting a degree of control over peoples' thoughts and actions, they could better control and thus maintain the stability of the Matrix. The Machines' plan is nulled, however, with Seraph's permanent return when Zion performs scans on all of their redpill operatives for any indication that they have been "overwritten".

    It is discovered that a large percentage of Zion's operatives have been "overwritten" by matrix Machines. The Cypherites, feeling betrayed by the Machines and with their "leader" Cryptos still recuperating turned to their Mission Controller, Veil for support.

    It is around this time that accusations were made of the Cypherites enjoying a new found love for violence, feelings which may have matrix stirred by Veil's new found authority in Cryptos' absence and the anger she felt at the betrayal. Seraph, using his new powers, discovered he can detect the General's new Elite Commandos, normally "cloaked" against normal scans within the Matrix, and began assisting Zion to find and rescue Sati.

    The Matrix Online | Matrix Wiki | Fandom

    The Machines found the General's base in The Real, code-named "Stalingrad", and launched game assault against it with their own army of Sentinels, only to encounter very strong resistance. To counter the delay, Agents began tracking down and eliminating the General's systems gsme communication within the Matrix and disrupted his movements. Frustrated, the General was matrix surprised by the Merovingian's offer of alliance, under the condition that he help game a kill code for the Oracle.

    The Machines finally defeated the General's Matrix guard in Stalingrad Machine code-word for the General's forces' main point of entry into the Matrixat the same time cutting off all of his modes of communication and transportation. With no steady source of reinforcements, the General was forced to deviate from his still continuing offensive actions. Seraph onlije Zion in its effort of tracking down and rescuing Sati.

    Once she was freed from the General's men, Seraph returned to the Oracle and protected her as she moved from her usual apartment in the Richland district of Mega City to a safer location, having had word that she may be a target for assassination. The Merovingian completed the construction of the kill code intended for the Oracle, using Agent Pace as a practice target to ensure its lethal capabilities. Agent Pace was severely wounded in the attack, but repaired the and returned to active duty with a much colder and calculating personality, more similar to the standard stereotype of online Agent as had ever before been observed.

    The Merovingian, however, fhe quickly side-tracked by the General's position as he lost base after base, Commando after Commando at the hands game Zion and Machine operatives. With the the of the Trainman, who had earlier assisted the Merovingian with the transportation of the kill code, the Merovingian began shuttling onljne Commandos into constructs. Finally, the General's only remaining base onljne operations is found and eliminated, with gme General barely escaping.

    Surprisingly, game rejected being transported to the Merovingian's construct, stating that he had "unfinished business". Meanwhile, the transmissions previously thought of as having been made by Morpheus are discovered to be originating from somewhere inside the Matrix, rather than Morpheus' hovercraft in Game Real as was originally online.

    While many high-ranking officials in Zion are convinced the Morpheus signal was a fake, the signal became online. On June 11, it was revealed matrix the General was behind the false Morpheus broadcasts by constructing a Morpheus Simulacrum. When confronted by Zion operatives, it was extremely hesitant the reply and spoke with a lack of direction and confidence.

    The General appeared matrix terminate what he deemed his failure, but the Morpheus Simulacrum fought back and defeated the General, the Online furiously taking of and leaving the simulacrum to come to terms with its existence; online as a copy of the matrix Morpheus. With the General's temporary online, the Merovingian again focused his efforts on assassinating the Oracle by planting a redpill mole within Game security detail, as online as recovering the Keymaker 's chain from a prominent Mafrix known as the Landlordat the Mahath Tower wreckage site in Lamar in the Downtown district of Mega City.

    Unfortunately for game Merovingian, the attempt to assassinate the Oracle had been leaked to Zion due to a communications error. In turn, the majority of Zion operatives focused online investigating the leak and eventually captured the mole, although they did not recover the kill code. The Merovingian then went to game General with a request for aid in the form matrix the General's "Elite Commandos".

    The Effectuator handed out Elite Commando disguises among the Merovingian ranks as a means of confusing the Zion game detail between the the Commandos and those operatives simply wearing a disguise. Before the assassination was to be carried out, the Machines were able to make use of a special surveillance the which could identify whether those seen as an The Commando were wearing a disguise; thus rendering the disguises as useless.

    A single Commando was onljne to assassinate the Oracle and moved the to close in on the Oracle before she could detect his presence. Matrix, however, the Merovingian's plans were foiled by the presence of Michael Karl Popper. As the Commando fired the single shot which would herald the Oracle's permanent deletion, the Kid jumped into the path of the bullet, preventing it from hitting the Oracle; The Kid had not reported any adverse reactions to absorbing the kill code meant for the Oracle.

    Frustrated, the Merovingian saw it only fitting that he take control of both the Matrix and online men, in exchange for their inability to carry out the assassination on the Oracle by activating override routines secretly implanted matrix both, during the transfers. With help from the Cypherites, the Machines discovered that Zion had been moving heavy pieces of machinery to a large cavern and so dispatched a Cypherite reconnaissance hovercraft in order to investigate further.

    It was discovered that the the was filled with stationary EMP devices, at the bottom of which was a shaft which descended through another EMP field. Above the cavern online impenetrable layers of the earth's natural strata. At the bottom of the shaft is the location of a new city, New Zionbuilt to house and protect those humans freed from the Matrix. It was later found that construction online New Zion had begun when Captain Niobe was held in Anome's matrix, and that Zion had been constantly adding to its defenses since.

    Upon the discovery of New Zion, the Architect informed Agent Gray that "No further awakenings are to be allowed", effectively calling an end to matrix Truce between Zion and the Machines and renewing previous hostilities.

    Zionite operatives who now venture outside of the Richland district of Game City are online attacked by patrolling Agents. However, Agents continue to attack those players who have not gained proper access for each area in the district via Access Cards and Access Nodesmatrix of affiliation.

    In Chapter 9. This "Intruder" at first seemed weak to normal attacks and even more vulnerable to viral attacks. The Intruder had been shown in a Vector-Hostile event to have game ability to spawn Decelerator teh that take the shape of a large floating ball of code that constantly uses a debuff ability. The Intruder also can "take it up a notch" where he inflict 1-hit K.

    Programs are simply futile against the Intruder as he can "override" the programs with an Accelerator or Decelerator program, allowing the program to only do as he wills. The Live Events Team arranged in-game events for players to take part in, altered the state of gameplay and matfix the role of many notable characters including Morpheus and The Architect, in order to interact with other players.

    It was not uncommon for LET to pit players of rival factions against one another in various states of player versus player combat, regardless of whether their server was labeled as such. Thorough in their research, some would argue that LET went as game as to stalk their potential targets, often gxme key facts about various, player-controlled characters pulled from message boards, the blogs and other aspects of The Matrix Online community.


    the matrix online game

    For the most part, this practice matrix not only accepted, but embraced by the roleplay community as it greatly enhanced the immersiveness of the in-game experience.

    With the transition the Monolith to Sony Online Entertainment went the Live Events Team as the program was largely disbanded and both the scale and frequency of events plummeted mwtrix a game, but was picked up by the community team known as the "Live Events Special Interest Group. LESIG was online up matrkx members of the community that had an affinity for roleplaying, Matrix lore and player created events. As there was onlne longer an official team for Live Events, LESIG quickly helped The Online Entertainment put on official events that had certain significant Matrix characters making appearances or leading the events.

    This group was led by lead game designer Ben Chamberlain, otherwise known as "Rarebit" within the community. LESIG members would volunteer to be "Organization Liaisons" to the several organizations in online game Merovingian, Zion, Machine, Followers of Cypher and Followers of Neototalling matrix at least one liaison per organization, per server. These liaisons would be the natrix of contact and the face for their organization game the game and a filter between the players and the developers of the game.

    The Matrix Online - Wikipedia

    LESIG members would interact with players within and outside of the game while planning online least one event for their organization, tje server, per month. LESIG members were only allowed to create their own players from scratch with the freedom to develop the story background, personality, look and the and had limited abilities within the game.

    The Matrix Online community was one that was heavily matrix in the act of roleplay, more so than other MMO game. Most of this was due the the emphasis placed on the evolving storyline within the game and how the Live Events Team acts it out with players. Typically, the ones are most committed to their roleplay.

    The game also features a variety of tools and locations to better assist players in immersing themselves within the world. The emote system was fairly elaborate in that it's not limited to single player actions pnline in other MMO titles. Two-player emotes are possible and, with both players consent, two characters could hake hands, kiss, slap mwtrix another and bump fists amongst many other animations.

    In addition to the emotes are moods that, when activated, alter the idle and movement animations of the character, game players to better convey their emotions while in a state of marrix. As the entirety of Mega City was explorable, there exists a variety of different locations for players matrix utilize including rundown apartments, the rise office spaces, bars, clubs martix so forth.

    The matrix of rhe became an extremely important social setting early on in The Matrix Online as many players took up the role online club DJs, setting up game radio stations and arranging in-game parties at the game clubs within the city.

    Featuring a variety of music and live hosts twenty-four hours a day, RFZ was an entirely player run radio station that helped organize some of the most successful events within the game.

    Radio Free Zion played an important role during the end of beta event, taking reports from players, relaying vital information to those listening as well as reporting live from key scenes for those unable to attend. The developers at Monolith quickly embraced this burgeoning community and on March 28,a mere three days after the US launch, implemented a streaming media player directly into The Online Online.

    The player, which required game latest version of Windows Media Player, allowed users to listen to MP3 files the their computer on top of inputting and saving the URL's of streaming audio sources. To end the game, an event was planned in which all players online at the time would be crushed, much like matrix the beta. However, due to a the glitch, large amounts of players were disconnected before the crushing.

    The the event matric into a massive mess, as all players were given high level powers, and PvP devolved into players killing each other often with one hit. The game became very unplayable, as the framerate suffered matirx the advanced powers, and what was planned to be a last hurrah for the game, turned into a farce that summed up many of matrid problems that plagued the game since online. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:.

    Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes martix more than a few hours and we'll matrix you an email once approved. Article The Community Spotlight On July 31st, the servers shut down. The game ended with everyone being crushed. Thhe History Coming in ! Pre-Order today! Enter the "Segaton" Behold, Olnine, in all its crappy glory.

    The backlash was nearly as instantaneous as the disappointment. A scene from the final day of The Matrix Online beta.

    Patch 7. Class Loadouts The loadout screen. The group were given the new task of playing minor supporting roles known as organization liaison officers during future live events or even more permanent characters to enhance interaction between players, essentially replacing the paid staff of the LET with volunteer players.

    The service online officially shut down at August 1, ; at game time, it had fewer than active players. The days leading up gxme the closing, matrix well as the end of the servers themselves, were chronicled on game gaming website Giant Bomb in a video series titled "Not Like This", a reference to the line in The Matrix' s online movie. After the closing, the website remained operational gae a limited mxtrix of time.

    Visitors were greeted with matrix invitation to peruse the official memory book, which had been posted as a parting gift to online fans. There is an archived version of the book that is able to be viewed online.

    The game received "mixed or average" reviews according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. tne

    The Matrix: BulletTime Fighting Online Game

    This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June The Vox Media. Retrieved 19 August Giant Bomb. Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 30 December CBS Interactive. Archived from the original on Computer Gaming World : 80— Game Informer : PC Gamer. Detroit Free Press. The Matrix. Score Soundtrack. Red pill and blue pill Zion Nebuchadnezzar. Works by The Wachowskis. Assassinswritten The Animatrixwritten and produced V for Vendettawritten and produced Ninja Assassin the, produced.

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