Al ko aks 3004 slot

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al ko aks 3004 slot

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  • AL-KO AKS Security Device Instructions User Manual
  • ALKO Security Device for AKS - UK Caravans Ltd
  • Al-Ko Aks Small Part Needed - Chassis Discussions - Caravan Talk
  • AL-KO Caravan Chassis Handbook User Manual
  • Stabiliser coupling (AKS™ ) | AL-KO
  • On the black hitch handle close to the point where it hinges, is supposed to be a red or green indicator red when the pad wear is excessive green when it is OK. The green plastic part is there, but the red plastic part is missing and I should like to source a replacement.

    AL-KO AKS Security Device Instructions User Manual

    Had a quick look at my trade accounts. I'm afraid the part isn't listed anywhere. Try Al-Ko again on Monday. A very useful link for many needing the hard to find bits? There are two pad wear indicators on it, one on the large red stabiliser handle - just an arrow pointing to a safe zone marker, then the other a red or green square indicator on the black hitching handle facing forward.

    ALKO Security Device for AKS - UK Caravans Ltd

    Thanks, but it is not that hitch engaged indicator it is the other one which is on the actual handle. The diagram doesn't seem to show any parts for ok hitch handle or even the hitch handle 3004 as a part. My square one fell off ages ago and to be honest could not tell what it was supposed to indicate. It does not appear to be a replaceable item as it is not numbered in the PDF although it seems to be in the picture?

    Couldn't you just get a piece of red plastic, cut it to size and stick it on? As far as im aware its slot available as a spare part as green section is part of a pressed in item. It seems they might have the red and green parts confused, because the red part aks onto the green.

    Al-Ko Aks Small Part Needed - Chassis Discussions - Caravan Talk

    This is usually caused by catching the button with the hitch lock when fitting the hitch lock. The green section can be replaced, and slides into the slot on top of the red button. The red part cannot be replaced however. UPDATE - After emailing Al-ko again and explaining the apparent confusion between the two buttons as aboveAl-ko have agreed it is wrong and will correct their website.

    They also gave me the alot number for the red button, which is I still cannot find a source for the part though, nor can I find it on their website, so I have emeailed them again. Just to make it clear - the green part is the main part which cannot be replaced.

    al ko aks 3004 slot

    The red part is the part which clips on and they suggest often falls off. Oh what fun Everything about Winterhoff is awkward.

    AL-KO Caravan Chassis Handbook User Manual

    The part you are looking for is here on link. I have an old hitch which i took off a caravan a few years ago to fit a hitch, and this hitch an AK has xl same part on it so at least i have a spare if i knock mine off.

    37 AL-KO AMS MAMMUT Mammut is the only fully integrated caravan manoeuvring system specifically designed to suit the AL-KO Chassis. Since April , AL-KO caravan chassis members have been manufactured with fixing hole positions for the AL-KO AMS Mammut Manoeuvring system pre . Stabiliser coupling with 4 friction pads: For greater stability and handling. The number 1 in Europe! The new AKS™ featuring outstanding design and improved ergonomics noticeably suppresses snaking and pitching movements, for a safe and relaxed journey. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR AL-KO SECURITY DEVICE FOR AKS / STABILISERS INTRODUCTION The AL-KO Security Device is effective against the following: a Uncoupling from the towing vehicle b Coupling onto another towing vehicle c Theft of .

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    Stabiliser coupling (AKS™ ) | AL-KO

    Page For Troubleshooting and Fault Finding see Table 2 on page If the unit is parked but disconnected from the tow vehicle, it is strongly recommended that each wheel is chocked using AL-KO or suitable wheel chocks.

    For this emergency brake to work correctly, it is absolutely essential that the following points are observed: 1. The breakaway cable MUST run through the breakaway cable guide.

    al ko aks 3004 slot

    The cable MUST run as Wind the jockey wheel up fully and clamp securely in position, ensuring that it does not foul the brake rod or breakaway cable. Remove wheel chocks if fitted and stow safely. Servicing and care of hot dip galvanized parts The slot of white rust is only a surface coating and has no adverse effect 3004 the anti-corrosion properties of galvanising. To minimise the potential for the formation of white rust the Years of aks and development have been undertaken to ensure that AL-KO Secure can withstand the maximum number of attack methods, and even deter thieves from approaching your caravan in the first place.

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      By harry. On the black hitch handle close to the point where it hinges, is supposed to be a red or green indicator red when the pad wear is excessive green when it is OK.

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