The game wheel of fortune 2

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the game wheel of fortune 2

The topic of this page has a Wikia of its own: Wheel of Fortune wikia. Currently in syndication, the show is commonly known as "America's Game". Keep in mind that this is completely unrelated to the original short-lived CBS daytime and primetime game show of the same name. Also of note, is that it is a slight retool of where it originally began as, a pilot named Shopper's Bazaar. In each round, a puzzle is revealed followed by a category to that puzzle. Previously in the first round there was only one Bankrupt, and there were at least two with each subsequent round.

Mar 27, 11 AM by belinski. Feb 15, 11 AM by jenny Jan 12, 11 PM by flipper Sep 5, 10 PM by Orosie2. Sep 2, 10 PM by bfgArnoStyx. A Bouquet for Everyone Bloom! Share flowers with fortuune World Bloom!

Daisy Pet Vet Dr. Hyde: The Strange Case Dr. Lynch: Grave Secrets Dr. Fruit Lockers Reborn! Fruits Inc. Rescue Squad! Droids Jungle vs. This is what the foftune looked like later on. It was sandwiched game the Lose a Turn and Free Play spaces - One good space, one good or bad space, and one bad space. You've landed fortunw the Mystery Wedge! That's for the folks watching at home know.

The the Bankrupt Mystery Wedge…either way, it's still a bad thing. Think of the Fortune Card as an offering of a second chance.

Quite a big wedge, huh? That's the size of two wedges combined as one! The Big Money Wedge. This was the second look which would be adapted to the Jackpot Wedge the wheel year.

Wheel of Fortune Free Play. Solve puzzles and collect souvenirs as you travel through cities across the world! Compete in tournaments and challenge friends to head-to-head matches. The all-new version has NEW game modes and NEW rewards. Plus, Wheel Watchers Club members get awesome extras: an exclusive frame, free diamonds and NO ADS FOREVER! Join the famous TV game show "Wheel of Fortune" with this particularly faithful online version. Turn the wheel (be careful to avoid bankrupt!), choose a consonant or buy a vowel then try to find the sentence on the screen. The category is given to help you and you will have 5 turns to find the answer.9/ Jan 18,  · Buy TV Games Wheel of Fortune 2: Plug & Play Video Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(7).

When the Big Money Wedge was landed on, it glows with the aid of computer graphics, of course. These kinds of spaces are always fun to see people land on, mainly because there's so much that could go wrong.

the game wheel of fortune 2

Got lucky! You've landed on the Million Dollar Wedge.

the game wheel of fortune 2

It's hard, but a Million Dollar win is possible. It's been done before. At least there aren't Bankrupts lf both sides. Careful not to call a wrong letter, missolve the puzzle, or run out fortune time; or else it's Bankrupt for you! But as long you guess which letters are in the puzzle, you continue. This is your standard run-of-the-mill Toss Up puzzle. The Clue puzzles, being in place for wheel a decade, were dropped from the show game the early s.

This is an example of a Preview Puzzle. These were pretty much useless. Oh dear, it's Megaword. Pat disliked this category very much, the he showed it at times too. Can you guess what this word is? This contestant elected to put her remaining cash on account. Ceramic dalmatians were apparently all the rage in the mids.

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Ah, that's much better. No fortune name shown here, though. Oh dear, it's Megaword again. Thankfully one of the contestants was smart enough to solve it from these five letters, or they would have been here for a long while. A fortume up round puzzle solved by "Smiling Sherry" in Speed up round from the special Halloween episode in Scott has the Star Bonus token!

Therefore, it's bonus round for him! Scott Hostetler famed game show contestant picking his letters for the Star Bonus round Notice the on-screen timer. He didn't solve the puzzle, by the way. 22 this took place on a ship, they had to rely on this graphic. Shouldn't there be game 2 in front of that 5? The like there was even space for one!

Envelope holder 2. Same as the first one but a thick ring is added here. Envelope holder 4. Those lights on it are similar to the new puzzle board.

Envelope holder gmae The letters are straight, but this was short lived.

Wheel of Fortune 2

Envelope holder 6. The final envelope holder. No lights except for the letters here makes this one naked. Early Early Day Bonus Wheel.

Notice the show's logo colors forttune its "wedges" in the center. Again, notice the show's logo colors in its "wedges" in the center. Here it is again, do you see it? The Bonus Wheel would light up like this if the contestant did win the Bonus Round. A contestant tries to solve the puzzle under the old rules in This is from and this dude is happy to have solved this puzzle! A contestant plays the bonus round under the current rules in Thee she called her vowel first.

There is no particular order to call your choices, but most video game adaptations require the three consonants before the vowel, or in N64's case, position the vowel at the end and put the consonants in the order you pick them. Current day bonus round. Notice the timer around the contestant's head. Can you guys figure this one out?


Best friends and big money always fortune good together! He's too cool for school! Equals a Happy Man! Boy, I'm sure the next day after that huge win, he got a Happy Meal for breakfast!

A family that plays together gets paid together! This graphic looks good in green, and top it with fireworks! This contestant is on the fast track to big cash! Here's Michelle Lowenstein, the first millionaire Wheel of Fortune has ever made.

Here she is, just learning that she won the million. Nice sleek Million Dollar Graphic for this occasion. This is Autumn, the second millionaire. OMG, look at the reaction on her face! The Million Dollar graphic from the show's 30th the. This is her grand total, the highest winning total currently in WOF history.

This is because she scored higher than Michelle Lowenstein. Here's Sarah, the third and most recent millionaire! Her reaction says it all!

This is a very rare photo of Chuck Woolery from the Shoppers Bazaar pilot. Notice the vertical wheel. Here is the furniture set for the Shopper's Bazaar pilot. That is a lot of models. Here's the main set. That puny thing on the left is the puzzle board. This is the stand-up vertical wheel. The four-line puzzle board from wheel What the game is Susan wearing?

Ah, this is wheel much more interesting now. This is the On-the-Road Puzzleboard from Spikes all around. This is the last puzzleboard that was used when Wheel was taping at CBS. For a brief period they used the On-the-Road The at home. Here it is from September This looks almost game to the puzzleboard used in the early s. The somewhat ugly black-bordered electronic puzzleboard from its first day in The Puzzleboard from Notice that the side and top parts are now eliminated.

This board is the result of 's "Neonification". This board fortune also the one still used today. Pat's wife Lesly, did Vanna's job with the puzzleboard that episode.

Since Alex hosted the April Fools episode, the introductions were done in Jeopardy style.

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Quite an April Fool I'd say! So THAT explains how his hair has looked so good after all these years! Compete in tournaments and challenge friends to head-to-head matches. Test your puzzle-solving skills against some of the best Wheel Watchers on Twitter. Two new puzzles are there for the taking each day, Monday-Friday.

Good luck! While you watch the show, look out fo letters, wedges and even Vanna clapping to mark off on off board.

Solve up to 4, puzzles as you compete against friends, family, and online players! Available at Amazon.

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